The ECA Playbook: A guide to setting up your Esports Center

Are you dreaming of opening up your own location and esports club? Look no further! Introducing "A Guide to Setting Up Your Esports Center" by the ECA – the ultimate playbook for aspiring esports entrepreneurs.

A complete guide.

A playbook designed and written by professionals to help and guide individuals through the meticulous process of setting up your Esports Center from the ground up.

The Esports Coaching Academy Playbook

Section I. Getting Started

Section II: Setting up your center

Section III: Requirements for your center

Section IV: Structuring your program

Section V: Marketing

Section VI: Financials

A Guide To Setting Up Your Esports Center $19

Learn the fundamentals of setting up your esports center with the ECA Academy Playbook

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In this short playbook demo you'll have a part of the first introductory chapter "Section I. Getting Started" where you'll get an in-depth look at pestle analysis, mission statements and how to conduct market research.